CyClean’s World Model Contest More than Just a Beauty Pageant

Beauty competitions are often subject to criticism for focusing only on the superficial. Yes, the participants do speak about pressing world issues, but more often than not, appearance is almost everything in the competitions we’ve watched on our televisions in the past. Women with the perfect Barbie doll figure, women with the whitest teeth, and women with the prettiest hair are wanted. While the appearance factor is obviously important for a beauty pageant, doesn’t beauty extend beyond the proportions of one’s body? CyClean sure believes it does.

CyClean, Fighting for a Greater Cause

Record heat waves, unclean air conditions, and mountains of trash are the result of mindless human behavior. Rapid urbanization and industrial development have given rise to innovation and a better life for many, but they have also dragged into the world pollution, social inequality, and other unwelcomed vices. CyClean was born in a world where both our planet and its people suffer, and CyClean is ready to restore the earth to a cleaner state.

We have the vision, willpower, and technology to rewind the world to a previous state of cleanliness. But we also need powerful, influential voices to proclaim CyClean’s message to those who are unaware. We need ambassadors to tell to the people of all nations the reason why they need to support CyClean and participate in our ecosystem. What better way than to choose women who possess the qualities of inner beauty and external grace to represent our vision?

Why She Decided to Participate in CyClean’s 2018 Model Contest

We’ve received a full inbox of applications from women of all backgrounds who dream of being the first Miss CyClean. The applicants narrated their stories, telling us about what motivated them to send in their forms. One particular applicant stood out. To maintain her anonymity, let’s call this applicant Stacy.

Stacy introduced herself as an environmentalist. Her love for the planet, people, and animals compelled her to apply through our website. She told us that she felt the earth was hurting, and that if we didn’t do anything to change, we would only see the situation get worse. When she was asked, “Why did you choose CyClean’s model contest and not something else?” she replied, “Because I want to be remembered as someone who made the world a better place, not just as a model featured on some magazine. I want to help our planet get better and help our starving children eat. I believe that if I were to be selected as Miss CyClean, I could raise awareness and take other forms of action to assist this organization in achieving its goals.”

Because the competition has not yet officially begun, we only briefly talked to Stacy, but going through the files of other applicants, we felt everyone’s passion for making a cleaner world. We’ll hear more from the contestants once the competition begins.

We genuinely believe that this model contest is unlike its predecessors in that the ultimate goal of the participants is to bring about transformation. And we look forward to how these women impact our world.

A Whole New Kind of Contest

Participants of CyClean’s 2018 Model Contest will be judged based on three qualities: intelligence, personality, and refinement. The alliance of these characteristics form a set of qualities that is essential for spreading the word of CyClean. What differentiates CyClean from other contests is the fact that these qualities are the main standards for those wishing to be the voice and face of CyClean. We are not just picking a high school prom queen – we are selecting women who will boldly change the world through their words.

The models who are crowned the winners of our 2018 contest will take part in various social and media activities to reach people not only in Korea, but in every country with Internet connection. With our ambassadors actively moving about, we envision a world in which everyone is conscious of their actions and contributes to the betterment of planet Earth.

How you can Participate

If you’re not a single woman in her late teens to twenties, you cannot participate as a contestant. As a male in his late twenties, I was disappointed. But the good news is we can all participate in a different way. Once the competition commences, online polls will be open for voting, and you will be able to make use of CyClean’s voting system built on blockchain technology. Here’s why you should vote.

First, by voting, you are selecting the model whom you believe can best represent CyClean. Viewer voting accounts for fifty percent of the total score of each contestant, so remember, your vote matters! Your vote carries power to indirectly shape the future of our planet.

Second, you receive CyClean tokens just by voting. CyClean believes that contribution to a healthier world deserves a tangible reward. That is why we are sending everyone who votes 300 CyClean tokens, for free! Also, the model for whom you vote receives 1,000 Kocoballs for each vote she receives. We encourage you to not only vote, but to tell your friends, family, and neighbors about our contest. Let them know that CyClean is working to create a better world for their children. This is how we all can participate.

We’re All in this Together

It is our shared responsibility to take care of the earth that has been so good to us. We may not be responsible for the present state of our earth, but together, we have the power to make a better future. Join us in our first model contest to hear from young women advocating change. Join Stacy in helping people like her create a world that is more livable for all of us. Join CyClean by sharing this article with your friends and sending them a short text about CyClean and its competition. Come join us in celebrating CyClean’s World Model Contest – the first steps in building a cleaner world.

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